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MOOCs from CIH

The Centre of International Health (CIH) is part of a global action to improve the practice of continuous learning, collaboration, and change in the education sector.


A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is a free online distance learning course.

Medical Peace Work = Addressing Violence Through Patient Care, and, Global Health, Conflict and Violence

Learn about the vital role healthcare plays in violence prevention and peace-building both globally and locally. This is a FREE MOOC in Medical Peace Work. In 2019, the 6-week course, Medical Peace Work, has been divided into two 3-week courses: “Addressing Violence Through Patient Care”, and, “Global Health, Conflict and Violence”. 

They cover the following topics :

  • Peace-health work in war and post-war areas
  • Preventing and addressing domestic violence
  • Healthcare for refugees
  • Recognising and healing the effects of torture
  • Health effects of climate change
  • Responding to a nuclear explosion

Learn more:  

MOOC: Addressing Violence Through Patient Care

MOOC: Global Health, Conflict and Violence


Occupational Health in Developing Countries - this course is currently under revision, and unavailable

Every 15 seconds, a worker dies from a work-related accident or disease. Two thirds of these deaths happen in developing countries. Many countries have no focus on the health and safety of their workers. Better knowledge and education can prevent many of these tragic events.

This FREE online course provides an introduction to occupational health – a part of public health that is neglected in many developing countries, where industrial activity is increasing, but the health and safety of workers is hardly discussed.

The course will teach you basic knowledge of occupational health and how to prevent the development of diseases and injuries, which are caused by working conditions in developing countries.

The course runs for 6 weeks (4 hours per week) and there are no course fees.


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Other Online courses:

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