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DIGSSCORE Working Papers

DIGSSCORE working paper series consists of working papers by DIGSSCORE-affiliated researchers on themes related to DIGSSCORE. Mostly the data will come from the Norwegian Citizen Panel or the Citizen Lab.

Working Paper 2018:4
Erik Knudsen. 2018. "How Unique is the American Situation? Comparing Affective Polarization Across Party Systems Through the Inter-party Marriage Measure"

Working Paper 2018:3
Sveinung Arnesen, Troy Saghaug Broderstad, Mikael Poul Johannesson and Jonas Linde. 2018. "By What Authority? Unveiling the Conditional Mandate from EU Membership Referendums".

Working Paper 2018:2
Sofia Axelsson and Stefan Dahlberg. 2018. "Measuring happiness and life satisfaction amongst Swedish citizens. An inquiry into semantic equivalence in comparative survey research".

Working Paper 2018:1
Eva Kyselá, Endre Tvinnereim, and Elisabeth Ivarsflaten. 2018. “Delaying the action: climate change as a distant threat?”.

Working Paper 2017:8
Sveinung Arnesen, Dominik Duell, and Mikael P. Johannesson. 2017. “Is Descriptive Representation a Proxy for Substantive Representation?”.

Working Paper 2017:7
Elisabeth Ivarsflaten and Paul M. Sniderman. 2017. “The Challenge of Muslim Inclusion: A Study in Thresholds”.

Working Paper 2017:6
Erik Knudsen, Mikael P. Johannesson, and Sveinung Arnesen. 2017. “Selective exposure to news cues: Towards a generic approach to selective exposure research.

Working Paper 2017:5
Sveinung Arnesen, Troy Saghaug Broderstad, Mikael P. Johannesson, and Jonas Linde. 2017. “The Wiggle Room of Legitimacy in Democratic Decisions: The Case of Referendums.”.

Working Paper 2017:4
Lars Erik Berntzen, Lise Bjånesøy, and Elisabeth Ivarsflaten. 2017. “Patterns of Legitimacy on the Far Right”.

Working Paper 2017:3
Sveinung Arnesen and Yvette Peters. 2017. “The Legitimacy of Representation. How Descriptive, Formal, and Responsiveness Representation Affect the Acceptability of Political Decisions.

Working Paper 2017:2
Magnus Hoem Iversen and Erik Knudsen. 2017. “I've got our news and bad news: Party cues trump negativity bias when selecting political news online”.

Working Paper 2017:1
Sveinung Arnesen, Mikael P. Johannesson, Jonas Linde, and Stefan Dahlberg. 2017. “Do polls influence opinions?”.