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Makerere University fire: 'Ivory Tower' gutted

Thorkild Tylleskär, the UiB co-ordinator of the UiB-Makerere collaboration, shared the sad news of the terrible fire that happened 19 September 2020.

Makerere University Ivory Tower
Thorkild Tylleskär


The “Ivory Tower” is Makerere University’s main administrative building. Thorkild Tylleskär's picture shown above shows the building before the fire. It was in many ways the icon of the university.

The top floors were gutted by the fire, which started on the roof. It may be that there was insufficient water pressure to adequately prevent the fire from expanding and causing significant damage.

In addition to the UiB collaboration, Makerere University has also joined the World University Network (WUN). It may be that the international collaborators can help support Makerere’s efforts to rebuild the iconic administration building.

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