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Panel Debate

When it really matters - what can the pandemic teach us about the power of action and sustainability?

BCEPS deputy director Ingrid Miljeteig participated as a panelist in this interesting discussion organised by "Filosofisk poliklinikk" on 2 December 2020.

Filosofisk poliklinikk 02-12-2020
Filosofisk poliklinikk (screenshot)


Recording available on YouTube (in Norwegian).

This event was part of an autumn series KLOKERE MED COVID-19? ("WISER WITH COVID-19?"), organised by Filosofisk poliklinikk at Litteraturhuset in Bergen with a focus on the handling of the corona pandemic: Who has benefited from Norway's strategy? How have the losses and burdens been distributed? What have we taken for granted, what have we learned, and what should we try to achieve in the future?

The debate on 2 December had the title Når det virkelig gjelder - hva kan vi lære av pandemien om handlekraft og bærekraft? ("When it really matters - What can the pandemic teach us about the power of action and sustainability?")

Discussion centred on the power of action and wishful thinking, and what it takes to make the necessary decisions that deviate from the usual routine. What does it take for a crisis to be big enough to make the impossible possible? Can lessons from the pandemic be used to develop more sustainable health services. For example, is it possible to cut back on unnecessary treatment and place greater emphasis on combating harmful conditions in society?

Debate leader:

Roger Strand (Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities - University of Bergen, Chair of "Filosofisk poliklinikk")