Senter for forskning på hjertesykdom hos kvinner


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Sex and gender in frontier research

Webinar: Monday 20.09.21 at 12:00-13:00 Speaker: Professor Sabine Oertelt-Prigione at Radboud Medical Center in Nijmegen, the Netherlands and Medical Faculty of the University of Bielefeld, Germany.

Professor Sabine Oertelt-Prigione
Sabine Oertelt-Prigione


Center for research on cardiac disease in women Monday 20.09.21 at 12:00-13:00

Sex and gender in frontier research


Speaker: Professor Sabine Oertelt-Prigione MD PhD MSc 

Sabine Oertelt-Prigione is a specialist in internal medicine, gender medicine and public health with a professional focus on the development of methods and implementation approaches for gender medicine. She holds two professorships for sex- and gender-sensitive medicine; one at the Department of Primary and Community care at Radboud Medical Center in Nijmegen, the Netherlands and one at the newly established Medical Faculty of the University of Bielefeld, in Germany.

Sabine Oertelt-Prigione started her academic career analyzing sex difference in autoimmune disease at the University of California at Davis in the USA. In 2009 she moved the Institute of Gender in Medicine at Charité University in Berlin, where she worked with professor Vera Regitz-Zagrosek. In 2014 she won the Max Rubner Prize for Innovations, Charité Foundation (first project addressing sexual harassment in hospitals in Germany). She was recruited to Radboud Medical Center in 2017 where she collaborates with professor Angela Maas.

Sabine Oertelt-Prigione has published 87 papers. She is a member of the international Society of Gender medicine, the European Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and was a member of the European Commission Expert group ‘Gendered Innovations 2’. 

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