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1st ICAZ Medieval Period Working Group Meeting

The Department of Natural History, University Museum of Bergen, is proud to be hosting the very first meeting of the ICAZ Medieval Period Working Group Meeting. The call for abstracts is now open (deadline 8 April 2022).

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ICAZ Medieval Period Working Group/ Department of Natural History, University Museum of Bergen


The Department of Natural History, University Museum of Bergen, is proud to be hosting the very first meeting of the International Council for Archaeozoology (ICAZ) Medieval Period Working Group in September 2022. The conference focuses on the study of animal-human relationships in the medieval period, broadly defined (ca. 500-1500 CE). We see the medieval period beginning with the end of the Western Roman Empire in the late 5th century CE and ending at about 1500 CE with the European voyages of discovery that mark the beginnings of the post-medieval period. Internationality will be a prerogative of the meeting; contributions from all over the world are more than welcome!

The ICAZ Medieval Working Group was founded in 2021 and represents a novelty for the international community of zooarchaeologists and archaeologists, serving as an important platform for all researchers to present, share, compare and discuss their data.


The call for abstracts (deadline 8 April 2022) is now open!

The  1ST ICAZ MWG Meeting will consist of two days and a half of scientific presentations (Bryggen Museum, Bergen); these will be delivered both in person and online.

A virtual participation will be guaranteed for up to 25 people; priority to attend the meeting online will be given to students who do not receive any financial support and to people who are unable to physically attend the meeting due to health reasons. 

Physical attendance will be guaranteed for up to 80 people. 

As in-person networking still represents an unmatched opportunity and COVID-19 restrictions for gathering and academic events are less strict now, priority to present a contribution will be given to people who will be physically present at the meeting; exceptions to this refer to people experiencing health issues

    More information on the meeting will follow and be published here as soon as it is available.

    The organising committee consists of Veronica Aniceti, Anne Karin Hufthammer, Hanneke J. M. Meijer, Liselotte M. Takken Beijersbergen, Olaug Flatnes Bratbak, Ramona Harrison, and Samuel J. Walker. For questions or more information, please send us an email.