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UiBtilgang - Common access control for IT services

UiBtilgang manages user accounts providing employees, students and guests access to various IT systems and services.


User accounts for new employees and students are created automatically based on data from the payroll system (DFØ), student system (FS), and guest system.

UiBtilgang is used for applying for entitlements to systems or services, and by managers for managing such entitlements.

How to use UiBtilgang as...


UiBtilgang controls access to a number of systems, so when an employee e.g. needs access to FS, they apply for this in UiBtilgang.

For new employees a user account will be created automatically. The new employee is notified of this and must activate the account.

See user manuals for:


When new students are registered in FS (Felles studentsystem), a user account will be created automatically. The student must activate the account.

See user manuals for:

PhD candidate

Your user account is automatically managed by your affiliation with the University. You can have one or more affiliations to the University.

If you are employed and registered in SAP, you have an employee affiliation up to and including the last working day. If you have student status (including PhD) and active study rights in FS (Felles studentsystem), you have a student affiliation until the study right expires. You can extend this connection yourself by 6 months in tilgang.uib.no.

If you do not have any of the above, you must register and be associated as a guest at the University. Staff approvers at your organizational unit can do this. They also control any extension. This is done in the Guest Service.

Here you will find user guides for registering and updating guests in the Guest Service.

Staff approver can check if you still have student status. If not, you will be registered and extended in the Guest Service, and your user account will be extended.


A distinction is made between long-term and short-term guests.

  • Long-term guests are emeriti, consultants and guest researchers. Long-term guests must be registered in a separate system, gjest.uib.no. Managers can register guests, and the right to register guests can also be delegated to other employees. The guest must confirm the registration and activate the account.

    See user manuals for:

    How to register long-term guests


Your user account will be terminated the day after your employment ends. The end date is registered in the payroll system SAP. You will receive an advance notification that your user account will be closed.

Six months after the user account is closed, the stored data is deleted. Your Microsoft 365 account will be closed 30 days after the UiB user account is closed.

If you still have an active relationship to UiB, and need to keep the user account, this must be approved by your immediate manager. You must then register as a "long-term guest". Your employee account is first closed and you must then appoint with your manager that you are invited as a "long-term guest".


Newly created user accounts are created automatically. Immediately (at the start date) after a person is registered in the payroll system SAP, Felles studentsystem (FS) or the Guest service, the user account will be created. The user will receive an e-mail asking them to activate their user account. This process is carried out by the user him/herself.

Guest accounts

As a manager (staff approver), you are responsible for creating user accounts for guests in the Guest Service (long-term guests) or in UiBtilgang (short-term guests). This task can be delegated to others who are given the role of host to register guests.

Approve extended accesses, a managerial responsibility

If any of your employees need extended access in UiBhjelp, FS or Inspera, they must request this in UiBtilgang themselves. As a staff approver, you will receive a notification of the request by e-mail. In the e-mail, there is a link that sends you directly to UiBtilgang. In UiBtilgang, you can either approve or reject the request for entitlements. As a staff approver, you can also request on behalf of the employee.

See user manuals for:

Host in the Guest Service

The manager (personnel approver) is responsible for creating user accounts for guests in the Guest Service (long-term guests). This task can be delegated to others who are given the role of host to register guests.

See also user manuals for:

Content creator for UiB's web pages

Access to creating and editing content in the various areas on UiB's web pages (www.uib.no) is granted by your local web contact. New content producers should also be requested from local wec contact using this form.

NB! Please remember that averyone who shall write or edit in W3 must complete the course before they are given access.

If you experience problems accessing UiB's web editor after the introduction of UiBtilgang, please contact user support through UiBhjelp.