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Visiting scholar Maria Faust at the Bergen Media Use Research Group

Maria Faust, a doctoral candidate from University of Leipzig, visits the Media Use Research Group in March

Maria Faust
Sören Klein


Maria Faust is a doctoral candidate from the University of Leipzig, Institute of Communication and Media Studies and a Research Associate with Technical University Chemnitz, Institute of Sociology, Germany. Faust has published on time, digital media, cultural change, visual culture and China, among other topics. In 2016, one of her cumulative PhD articles was recognized with a Best Paper Award with International Association for the Development of the Information Society. Her Doctoral thesis quantitatively investigated the 'Theoretical and Empirical Paradox of Temporal Change due to Digital Media in Germany and China' and was submitted in November 2021 with defense scheduled for spring 2022.

Being in a transitional period between her doctoral defense and exam and grant application for her post doc, Maria wishes to take advantage of the research activities at the research group to prepare for her doctoral defense. During her visit she has had several talks with members of the research group, and familiarized herself with the different projects. She has participated in group meetings and informal activities, and will end her visit by presenting her doctoral thesis to the group. 

Maria Faust’s stay at the University of Bergen was funded through ARQUS University Alliance by the European Union