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Researcher Solveig Høegh-Krohn on her role and progress in the MUCS-project

Master`s graduate from the University of Bergen, Solveig Høegh-Krohn, on her role as researcher and the recent developments for the qualitative research conducted in the MUCS-project.

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Bakhrom Tursunov


Researcher Solveig Høegh-Krohn is a former masters student from The University of Bergen, specializing in media studies concerning Norwegian news outlets representation of the climate crisis. 

Following the finishing of her masters thesis; Etter enigheten – en kritisk diskursanalyse av ‘klimakrisen’ i fire norske medier I 2020 (After the Agreement – a critical discourse analysis of ‘the climate crise’ in four Norwegian news outlets in 2020) she has worked as journalist in local news papers at the west coast of Norway. Her long held interest concerning language use, communication, and environmental issues, led her the fall of 2023 to the MUCS-project, now working as a researcher, conducting interviews with 30 different people, ranging from the rural to the urban areas on the west coast of Norway. 

These interviews are mapping media use in both everyday life and in crisis situations, investigating how aspects such as gender, age, socio-economic conditions or local communities are influencing people's contemporary attachment to the public sphere and their ideas concerning different crisis situations. 

These 30 informants is now also constituting a media use panel, where the project group will be able to ask further questions through a digital questionnaire mapping changes in the informants media and news use. This way, the 30 first conducted interviews serve as a basis that make it possible to compare changes within each individual over time, as well as comparing them with each other.