Senter for forskning på hjertesykdom hos kvinner


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Professor Eva Gerdts was awarded the Falch Senior award 2024

Picture of Falch Senior Award 2024 lecture
H. Jacobsen


The award recognizes her leading role in research on women’s heart, in particular the relation between high blood pressure and heart disease in women, and in building a local strong research center for cardiac disease in women over the past 4 years. The award also reflects her national and international leadership in the field of heart disease in women by the UiB. Over the past few years, Eva Gerdts has particularly focused on political awareness about modern women’s health perspectives by giving input to the Norwegian Public Report on Women’s Health that was published in 2023, and through dissemination about women’s heart health to health politicians, patient organizations and NGOs relevant to women’s health. Still, much work remains before the common political confusion about women’s rights and women’s health is overcome, and women’s health is considered equal to women’s public health rather than the limited to reproductive health.