Velferd, ulikhet og livsløp

Nyhetsarkiv for Velferd, ulikhet og livsløp

Kjetil G. Lundberg (UniReseach Rokkan Centre) og Liv Johanne Syltevik (Department of sociology) have published an article on everyday interaction in the front line of the Norwegian welfare state in Journal of Organizational Ethnography.
Postdoctor Miia Bask has published an article in Social Indicators Resarch on accumulation and persitence of welfare problems based on longitudinal analysis' of a data-set from Sweeden.
Professor Liv Syltevik contributes with an article in the latest issues of "The History of the Family" skrevet av Liv Syltevik.
Postdoc Miia Bask and co-authors from Sweden and Finland have published a chapter in “Gender Differences in Aspirations and Attainment - A Life Course Perspective” edited by Ingrid Schoon and Jacquelynne S. Eccles, Cambridge University Press.
Karen Christensen, University of Bergen, Norway and Ingrid Guldvik, Lillehammer University College, Norway are authors of the new book "Migrant Care Workers - Searching for New Horizons" out now on Ashgate
Professor Atle Møen har publiched an article titled "Interpretations and critiques of modernity - A review of Peter Wagner: Modernity: understanding the present".
Post Doc Miia Bask has published the article "Externalising and internalising problem behaviour among Swedish adolescent boys and girls" in the latest issue of International Journal of Social Welfare.
The paper emphasises the importance of an historical, intergenerational approach in sociological research. Lives need to be understood in the contexts of particular times and places.
Circumstances for jobless persons under the age of 25 in Sweden, Finland and Norway have changed dramatically the last 15 years. Many have become poor.
Researchers from the Welfare, Inequality and Life Course (VUL) research group visited the SCWR Unit and Job Center plus in London