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Dusty industries in developing countries

The projects are funded by The Norwegian Programme for Development, Research and Education (NUFU), and are a co operation between the University of Bergen and Muhimbili University College of Healt Sciences, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Project leaders have been professor Bente E. Moen and og ass professor Simon Mamuya (Tanzania).

Bente E. Moen



Occupational chronic respiratory diseases caused by exposure to organic and inorganic dusts and chemicals in the workplaces are the most common occupational diseases in developing countries. There is little documentation concerning these problems, and lack of awareness of the occupational hazards has major effects on the contribution of occupational diseases and the national burden of disease.



The broad objective of the study will be to explore the extent of occupational related diseases among employees exposed to dusts and irritants in cement, coffee, sisal and mining industry with the purpose of providing a scientific basis for setting priorities for occupational health and safety policies in Tanzania. The study also aims at capacity building of trained personnel who will provide the theoretical and technical skills, and material resources to the collaborating institutions.



This is a study using mainly quantitative methods. In Tanzania, the population to be studied with samples from mining industries, cement industry, sisal and coffee production, textile industries and two coffee plants. Workers will be interviewed, using a standardised questionnaire. Spirometric measurements of lung volumes will be carried out in accordance with the EEC and ATS Recommendations. Some workers will be examined by measures of exhaled NO, to measure inflammatory reactions. Standard dust sampling techniques and procedures for storage and analysis will be used in the determination of dust sampling at the personal and environmental level in each industry.



Five PhD students have written and defended their PhD theses. In addition, a laboratory for measurement of dust is established in Dar es Salaam, and training of personnel has started.


The following dissertations have been written:

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