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CCBIO Seminar: Oddbjørn Straume

Angiogenic biomarkers in malignant melanoma


CCBIO Seminars, The Centre for Cancer Biomarkers Lecture Series (BMED380)


Oddbjørn Straume
Centre for Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO), Department of Clinical Science, University of Bergen



Time/Place: Thursday 31st October, at 14.30, in BBB, Auditorium 4, followed by a pizza get-together in the conference room vis-à-vis the auditorium.

NB! The campus bus Realfagb./HIB->BBB (normal schedule) will be up here just in time. For the way back we refer you to buses #12 (15:35/15:50/16.05/16.20) and #21 (15:42/16.12)

Host: Donald Gullberg <donald.gullberg@biomed.uib.no>, CCBIO