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Biophysics, Structural Biology, and Screening (BiSS) is a core facility of the Faculty of Medicine and hosted by the Department of Biomedicine. BiSS offers access to a range of instrumentation to determine the interactions of small molecules with macromolecules and for crystallization.

BiSS is part of the chemical biology consortia Nor-Openscreen and EU-Openscreen. EU-Openscreen has certified BiSS as a speciliast screening site for biophysical and virtual screening. BiSS hosts a number of libraries, including the 100k European Chemical Biology Library (ECBL) and the 1000-member fragment library  which can be accessed for either biophysical or fragment screens. BiSS also offers cheminformatic services for virtual screening and hit follow. All instrumentation can be used by the users themselves after training.

BiSS is a member of the national NORCRYST infrastructure funded by the Norwegian Research Council, and hosts instrumentation and know-how for macromolecular crystallography and complementary techniques. BiSS coordinates local BAG applications for synchrotron beamtime at various European large-scale research infrastructures.

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Feedback in Nor-Openscreen survey

BiSS is growing as a core facility, and we are quite happy that our users are satisfied.


New equipment

We have received funding from the Olav Tjomslands Legat for funding for equipment and tools for the the crystallization lab.

High-throughput crystallization
The crystal imaging system at BiSS

Crystal plate imaging system installed

A state-of-the-art imaging system for high-throughput crystallization experiments has been installed at BiSS at the Department of Biomedicine. The system is capable of imaging samples using both visible and UV light. The imager is a significant addition to the crystallization laboratory as well as...

NFR INFRA call poroposal rejected.
no new equipment

Full scores but no funding

The Nor-Openscreen application for this year's infrastructure call scored the highest possible marks in all categories! To quote from the reviewer comments: "This is an excellent proposal to enlarge and update existing infrastructure and services in chemical biology in Norway"....