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Please read carefully both the information about booking, registration, and pricing as well as the conditions of using BiSS facilities.

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Info related to the booking of instuments at BiSS

Link to Booking System

All new users must be approved in order to book instruments through the booking system.

First time users must receive a training on each instrument, and the training session needs to be booked well in advance and in dialog with the admin responsible for the instrument.

The booking system is shared between the core facilities BiSS, MIC, PROBE and Flow Cytometry, so users only have to register once.

All new users have to be approved by their PI before being able to book instruments, and the PI must assign an invoicing account to the user. If new users don't find their affiliated lab and PI in the booking system, the PI has to register his lab before the user can finalize the registration.

Booking page user guides for PIs  and other users and a guide for the daily use of the booking system can be found in the attachments at the bottom of this page.

Use the following link for the registration: https://secure5.ideaelan.com/Bergen/Public/AppLogin.aspx


Instruments / pricing:



responsible person

Booking sessions

Booking fee – per session


Anne Baumann
24 h720,- / 1440,-

Sudarshan Patil

4 h340,- / 680,-
Juha Vahokoski
1 h60,- / 120,-
Anne Baumann
4 h200,- / 400,-
Juha Vahokoski
1 h60,- / 120,-
Sudarshan Patil 
Min. 24 h240,- / 480,-
Crystal imaging5C122B;
Ju Xu
per plate (booked as supply in the booking system)100,- / 200,- /plate
Crystallization robot5C122B;
Ju Xu
1 h

100,-/ 200,'
Supply – tips

dewar (Spine &
Ju Xu
2 weeksFlat fee 500,-
Octet red 965A112dB;
Juha Vahokoski
4 h200,- / 400,-
Supply (optional) – SSA sensors (140,-)
Tecan Spark5A122bB;
Juha Vahokoski
1 h60,- / 120,-
Mosquito HV5A122bB;
Anne Baumann
1 h100,- / 200,-
Supply – tips
Biacore T2005A116aB;
Anne Baumann
24 h960,- / 1920,-

If you have any questions regarding an instrument or need a training (first-time users), please contact the responsible person for the instrument. 

Juha: Juha.Vahokoski@uib.no
Anne: Anne.Baumann@uib.no
Ju: Ju.Xu@uib.no
Sudarshan: Sudarshan.Patil@uib.no
For general contact to BiSS, please use the email address biss@uib.no.

Training/Supervised hours for all instruments are charged through supplies to analyse number: 235436
Training/Supervised fee for academic users: booking fee + 600,- /h
Training/Supervised fee for non-academic users: booking fee + 750,- /h