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Aase Merethe Raddum’s dissertation

In her phd period, Centre for Pharmacy alumn Aase Merethe Raddum has investigated a possible new drug target for cancer therapy. Friday 21st of June 2013 she defended her thesis «Annexin A2 as a target for anti-angiogenic therapy».


Cancer tumours are dependent on sufficient blood flow, delivering oxygen and nutrition, in order to grow. If the blood flow is inhibited, so is the growth of the tumour. Through different laboratory techniques Aase Merethe Raddum has demonstrated how the protein Annexin A2 may inhibit growth of new blood vessels to cancer tumours, making the protein a target for future cancer therapy.

Aase Merethe Raddum finished her master’s degree at Centre for Pharmacy in 2008. She is the third alumn who earns a phd degree at the University of Bergen.

Congratulations from all at Centre for Pharmacy.

Read more in the press release (in Norwegian).