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Kickoff for PhD School in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Six PhD students from Bergen attended the first annual meeting for the National PhD School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (NPSPS).The outcomes were new knowledge, new friends, valuable feedback and two prizes.


NPSPS was established in spring 2013, and the aim is to create a network for PhD candidates, their supervisors and research groups in the pharmaceutical field. The annual meeting is a mean to reach this aim, and was held for the first time at Holmenkollen Park Hotel, Oslo, 14.-15. October 2013. Attending from Bergen were PhD students Markus Baumann, Dorte Sandaker, Magnus Hole, Ole-Johan Juvik, Kristine Heitmann and Lillan Mo Andreassen, and supervisors Knut Teigen, Bengt Erik Haug and Svein Haavik (also a member of the board).

The PhD students presented their research either as an oral presentation or a poster, and were strongly encouraged to actively participate in discussion after each presentation. More experienced researchers were also invited as speakers, giving the fresh researchers something to strive for. Birgit Undem, journalist and administrative manager of NPSPS, gave a talk on news value of research, and Sunniva Rose, PhD student in nuclear physics and “pink blogger” inspired to new ways of communicate and promote research.

The meeting came to an end with the NPSPS awards, one for best oral presentation, one for best poster, and one for most active participant. Ole-Johan Juvik from Research Group in Natural product chemistry and Pharmacognosy, Department of Chemistry, was awarded the “active participant”-prize. The Bergen team also won the quiz contest the night before.

A big thank you to the University of Oslo and the organizing committee for making the first annual NPSPS meeting a success!