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Interesting imaging related popular science articles

Two colleagues have recently published popular science articles in Aftenposten and both of them have imaging as their main approach in their science.


Professor Emmet McCormack is a specialist in optical imaging and uses this technique in his research to image cancer progression in living rats. Fluorescent or bioluminescent markers have been introduced to live animals and the signal from these shows where they accumulate in the animal. McCormacks  article in Aftenposten gives an intuitive introduction to the importance of advanced imaging as one of the tools in cancer research and eventually targeted cancer therapy. See also the Cell Stem Cell article that recently was published. 


Dr. Tanja Kögel is a specialist in advanced confocal imaging and have been leading a project on the establishment of automated screening of proteins involved in transport via nano tubes (Hodneland et. al., 2013). Kögels article in Aftenposten gives insight into the communication between cells through these nano tubes and their relevance in some biological systems.