Molecular Imaging Center (MIC)

Room 5C120B

Telephone 555 86056

The Leica TCS SP5 system covers a wide range of imaging speeds from spot recording to real-time imaging in a single truly confocal platform. This new broadband confocal microscope system perfectly merges two worlds in one. And broadband means more than only speed: the system accomplishes the most demanding requirements in recent multi-fluorescence research by groundbreaking new technologies to maximize spectral and multichannel performance. 

The new TCS SP5 comes with a tandem-scanning system. There is the option of the conventional scanner or the fast resonant scanner (8000 Hz).

 Responsible contact person is Endy Spriet.


The system is equiped with a heating chamber and a CO2 controller for live cell imaging acquisitions. The motorized stage allows for Tile Scan (automatic assemble of an image from multiple smaller images) and Mark & Find (automatically image multiple positions in a time-lapse experiment).


Lasers / Laser lines:

Blue diode (BD) / 405
DPSS / 442 

Argon (Ar) / 458, 476, 488, 514 

DPSS / 561 

Helium/Neon I (HeNeI) / 594
Helium/Neon II (HeNeII) / 633



MNATypeIMWD (mm)
5x0.15HC PL FluotarDry12
10x0.40HC PL Apo CSDry2,2
20x0.70HCX PL Apo CSImm.0,25
40x1.25HCX PL Apo CSOil0,1
63x1.20HCX PL Apo CSWater0,22
63x1.40HCX PL Apo
λ blue
63x1.40HCX PL Apo CSOil0,1
100x1.40-0.7HCX PL Apo CSOil0,09

M: magnification
NA: numerical aperture
IM: immersion medium
WD: working distance


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