Reuter gruppe


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Group members



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Reuter, Nathalie  - Group Leader

Abboud, Angèle - Phd student 2012-2017

Bédoucha, Pierre - PhD student 2016-2019

Fuglebakk, Edvin - Postdoctoral associate 2013 - 2015

Khan, Hanif - PhD student 2013 - 2015

Klonova, Olga - MSc student 2016-2017

Moutoussamy, Emmanuel - MSc student 2016

Venken, Tom - Postdoctoral associate 2014 - 2015

Waheed, Qaiser - Postdoctoral associate 2015 - 2018




Abboud, Angèle - MSc student from France, Spring 2011

Currently PhD student at Reuter group, Bergen, Norway


Bacle, Amélie - MSc student from France, Spring 2012

Currently PhD student at Institut Jacques Monod - CNRS, France


Broemstrup, Torben - PhD student, graduated Nov 2010

Currently IT Consultant at Bayer Business Services, Berlin, Germany


Chéron, Jean-Baptiste - MSc student from France, Spring 2014

Currently PhD student at University Nice Sophia Antipolis, Nice, France


Deheuvels, Joakim - MSc student from France, Spring 2014

Currently MSc master in France


Fuglebakk, Edvin - PhD Student, graduated Apr 2013

Currently Postdoctoral associate at at Reuter group, Bergen, Norway


Grauffel Cédric - Postdoctoral, 2010 - 2013

Currently Postdoctoral associate at Academia Sinica, Taiwan, C.Lim's group


Hajjar, Eric - Phd student, graduated Nov 2010

Currently Clinical Manager at Novartis Oncology, Basel, Suisse


Hollup, Siv - PhD student, graduated Apr 2010

Currently IT Consultant at Bouvet ASA, Bergen, Norway


Kjærner-Semb, Erik - MSc student, Summer 2013

Currently PhD student at Institute of Marine Research


Narawane, Shailesh - Postdoctoral associate, 2011 - 2014

Currently Pharmacist at Boots Apotek, Bergen, Norway


Romanowska, Julia - guest PhD student, 2010

Currently Postdoctoral associate at University of Bergen, Norway


Schillinger, Anne-Sophie - Phd Student, graduated Nov 2014

Currently Business Developer at Bergen Technology Transfer Office


Skjærven, Lars - PhD Student, graduated Apr 2011

Currently Postdoctoral associate at Department of Biomedicine


Tiwari, Sandhya - Phd Student, graduated Feb.2015, postdoc until end of 2015

Currently Postdoctoral associate at Riken, Japan

Tubiana, Thibault  - MSc student from France, Spring 2013

Currently PhD student at Institute for I2BC, Paris, France