Kavlisymposium: Passion for Science
Passion for Science

Passion for Neuroscience

The Passion for Neuroscience Symposium is open to all interested in neuroscience research.

Poster Neuro Symposium


Four outstanding scientists will present keynotes talks on their ground-breaking research spanning for basic neuroscience and sensory physiology, to human language, cognition, and genetics of psychiatric disorders.

In addition, two young neuroscientists from UiB will be invited to present short presentations of their research. 

The symposium will close with a panel discussion and open dialogue on the "Future of neuroscience". 

We welcome students, PhD candidates, young researchers, senior faculty staff, administration, collaboration partners and the public audience to take part in this exciting symposium about neuroscience.


13.15Welcome to the Symposium – Chair: Professor Clive Bramham
Dean at the Faculty of Psychology, Bente Wold,
Vice-Dean at the Faculty of Medicine, Marit Bakke.
13:25Making an effort to listen: Mechanical amplification by ion channels and myosin molecules in hair cells of the inner ear. 
Kavli Prize Laureate in Neuroscience 2018,
Professor Dr. A. James Hudspeth, Rockefeller University, USA
14:00Neuroscience of language.
Professor Dr. Angela Friederici,
Max-Planck Institute for Human Cognition and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany
14:35Break with refreshments
14:50Second Part: Chair Professor Kenneth Hugdahl
The Brain's Default Mode Network in health and disease
Kavli Prize Laureate in Neuroscience 2014, Professor Marcus E. Raichle,
Washington University School of Medicine, Saint Louis, MI, USA
15:25From genes to biology in psychiatric disorders.
Professor Barbara Franke, Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands
16:00Break with refreshments
16:15Identifying predictors of brain plasticity at work: Sleep, circadian rhythms, or both?
Presentation by PhD candidate Andrea R. Marti
16:30Panel conversation with the speakers.
Moderator: Professor Charalampos Haris Tzoulis, University of Bergen.