Senter for vitenskapsteori

SVT-jubileumssymposium: Science in Society. Crossroads and Challenges


The theme indicates the need every once in a while to look back, re-orient oneself and define new pathways and goals for the future. Established STS scholars have taken a number of “insights” as granted, yet younger scholars now start to ask new questions about them. As suggested by Delgado, Kjølberg and Wickson (2011), what was once the solution may now be the problem. In the occasion of the 25th anniversary of SVT, our panel of younger scholars will provide a daring look into the future of STS studies, and critically analyze the continued utility of some of the established wisdoms of STS. This seminar will close with a panel discussion.


Sondre Båtstrand, PhD Candidate at Dept. of Comparative Politics, University of Bergen. "Political activist and political scientist" 

Kamilla Kjølberg, PhD, Researcher at the University College, Oslo and Akershus. "Responibilities and roundabouts"

Lars Nyre, Associate Professor at Dept. of Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen. "Normative Media Research. Moving from the Ivory Tower to the Control Tower" 

Kjetil Rommetveit, Associate Professor at Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities (SVT), University of Bergen. “Beyond ELSA: what now for critical engagements with science and technology?”

Fern Wickson, PhD, Researcher at GenØk, Centre for Biosafety, University of Tromsø. "Everywhere but here. The start of a circle. Talking with those who aren't speaking"

Moderator: Carl Walter Matthias Kaiser

09:00: Welcome
09:15: Kjetil Rommetveit: Beyond ELSA: what now for critical
engagements with science and technology?
09:45: Lars Nyre: Normative Media Research. Moving from the Ivory
Tower to the Control Tower
10:15: Coffee break
10:30: Sondre Båtstrand: Political Activist and Political Scientist
11:00: Fern Wickson: Everywhere but Here. The Start of a Circle. Talking
with Those Who Aren't Speaking
11:30: Kamilla Anette Kjølberg: Responsibilities and Roundabouts
12:00: Coffee break
12:15-13:00: Panel discussion, plenary

During the two days of the Anniversary Symposium, an exhibition presenting the history and identity of the SVT can be seen in the area outside of Stort Auditorium in Lauritz Meltzer’s house.

Questions concerning the program can be directed to Nora S. Vaage at
nora.vaage@svt.uib.no / +47-555 82510