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With a high level of engagement, the Centre for Pharmacy leads 3 productive days in an effort to prepare for the Centre for Excellence in Education (SFU) application.

Dates: 10-12 March Ideas flowed and action points were shaped at the SFU writing seminar last week that took place at SCANDIC Flesland hotel. Student representatives were engaged in the entire process and contributed with valuable feedback and ideas that are being implemented in the SFU application.

SFU Writing seminar  - 10-12 March 2022
SFU writing seminar - Flesland 10-12 March 2022
Photo by Jørgen Barth


A positive and enthusiastic feeling was dominating during the whole process. Leaders, teachers, researchers, and student representatives were invited to brainstorm and discuss the future of pharmacy education in Bergen. 

The workshop started on Thursday morning with general information about SFU and the application process. After lunch, participants attended a digital guest lecture from Rikke Toft Nørgård (Danish School of Education, Aarhus University) about her research in the field of education development, such as “The Playful University” and the VASE–project (Value sensitive design in Higher education). Dr. Rikke’s lecture generated a lot of interest and inspired the participants to be creative about the SFU application and the desired future.  

The future of pharmacy education

SFU Application - The future of pharmacy education in Bergen

Photo by Jørgen Barth

On the second day, more participants joined from the chemistry department including Knut Børve (head of the department), Monica Jordheim (head of education), and Matthias Gregor Stadler (Associate Professor). The day started with a talk by Mirey Alfarah, a postdoctoral fellow associated with the FREMFARM project, where she presented research findings on students’ perceptions, existing challenges, and recommendations based on data from the fall 2021 semester. The presentation generated a lot of discussion among the participants and specifically between teachers and students about the importance of teaching matching students' needs and expectations. 

Right after, Dr. Ingunn Johannes Ness from SLATE (Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology) gave a lecture about dialogic pedagogies and creativity and innovation in higher education. Dr. Ness’ STEPRE model will serve as a guiding framework for teachers to foster students' creativity and innovation in the future. 

The discussion continued with a focus on the laboratory as a learning area, and about the needs and improvements that could be implemented within a prospective SFU. Later, the participants were gathered in smaller groups to discuss and come up with specific activities that the future Pharmacy Centre of Excellence in Education will carry out. 

The last day started energetically with a summary of the generated ideas and participants were able to concretize the four main pillars of the application in addition to specific roles and activities. Looking onward, the next step is to finalize a summary of all that was discussed during those days. Reidun Kjome, the head of the Centre for Pharmacy, is leading that process and will share it with the rest of the team for review and feedback.