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Schütz, Omar og Carpentier med rapport om overvåking av marinlagring av CO2

Sigrid Eskeland Schütz, sammen med Abdirahman Omar og Stefan Carpentier, har forfattet rapporten “Report on regulations and technological capabilities for monitoring CO2 storage sites” i forskningsprosjektet ACTOM.


I forskingsprosjektet ACTOM, som ser på overvåking av marinlagring av CO2, har Sigrid Eskeland Schütz, Abdirahman Omar (Norwegian Research Centre, NORCE) og Stefan Carpentier (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, TNO) forfattet rapporten “Report on regulations and technological capabilities for monitoring CO2 storage sites”. Rapporten har flere med-forfattere, blant annet stormaster Jakob Mykland Revheim ved Det juridiske fakultet i Bergen. 

Om forskningsprosjektet

"The research proposed in ACTOM will work for the advancement of offshore monitoring to ensure alignment of CO2 storage projects with national and international regulations and societal concerns. An interdisciplinary consortium will apply methods to critically assess secure storage as this technology becomes implemented internationally as a key greenhouse gas emissions reductions strategy. The project team will build a web-based toolkit that will, for the first time, collect algorithms for designing optimal monitoring programs for offshore geological storage sites. Routines related to detecting subtle signals of a leak in a highly varying environment will be implemented in the toolkit. Through the interdisciplinary approach, the tool will assist operators in their pre-operational phase in defining assurance monitoring programs that are aligned with regulations. The inevitable uncertainties in all measurements will be assessed, and methods on how to quantify and represent them will be recommended." 

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