Forskerskole i informasjons- og kommunikasjonsteknologi
Kurs 4.-5. oktober 2021

Introduksjon i søknadsskriving

Receiving a research grant is an important career-boost. A grant can provide funding to extend your network, obtain new skills, exchange knowledge during research stays abroad, conduct break-through research and more. A successful grant is a sign of creative and innovative thinking and indicates that your research is of high quality, as well as that you are willing to lead novel research endeavors.

finansieringskilder informatikk


Join us for this Introductory course on how to write competitive research grant applications on 4-5 October!

The course is a two-day event composed of lectures and exercises. Participants will get an overview of the funding landscape relevant for the academic sector in Norway, and will be introduced to the concepts of clear and concise writing. The course is intended to help participants structure their proposal work and give them tips for how to improve their project descriptions.


The course focuses on research grant applications. Participants will:

  • gain knowledge about the funding landscape relevant for the Norwegian academic sector; in-cluding, but not limited to, The Meltzer Research Fund, The Research Council of Norway and the EU
  • be able to navigate through selected funding databases
  • gain knowledge about different types of research-related applications used by The Research Council of Norway and the EU (e.g., research and innovation actions, coordination and support actions, researcher projects, mobility grants, ERC/European Research Council)
  • learn how to analyze research funding calls
  • gain knowledge about the different parts of a research proposal and how to address them (fo-cusing on excellence, impact, and implementation in the project description)
  • be introduced to the concepts of clear and concise writing, including a brief introduction into the IMRAD-method and how it can be used in proposal planning and writing

After completion of the course, participants will:

  • know how to find, interpret, and answer research funding calls
  • know how to formulate a research proposal (project description)
  • be able to avoid pitfalls in proposal writing
General competence

After completion of the course, participants will:

  • understand the importance of applying for external funding
  • know where to get help in the proposal writing process

For those participants who have concrete plans for sending a proposal in winter 2021/spring 2022, we will in addition offer a series of 1-2 hour proposal writing classes where we have a closer look at some of the important elements of a research grant application as well as help you to finetune your individual project descriptions and CVs.

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