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Introductory course on how to write competitive research grant applications

Receiving a research grant is an important career-boost. A grant can provide funding to extend your network, obtain new skills, exchange knowledge during research stays abroad, conduct break-through research and more. A successful grant is a sign of creative and innovative thinking and indicates that your research is of high quality, as well as that you are willing to lead novel research endeavors.

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If you would like to get an overview of the funding landscape in Norway, learn more about writing a research grant application and gain insight into clear and concise writing, then join us for this introductory course on 4-5 October! The course is a two-day event composed of lectures and exercises. For those participants who have concrete plans for sending a proposal in winter 2021/spring 2022, we will in addition offer a series of 1-2 hour proposal writing classes where we have a closer look at some of the important elements of a research grant application as well as help you to finetune your individual project descriptions and CVs.

Specification: The proposal writing course and classes are open to all PhD candidates enrolled in the Department of Informatics' PhD program as well as the department's Postdocs. The proposal writing course is for those of you who are interested in learning how to write competitive research grant applications. The proposal writing classes are for PhD candidates and Postdocs at the department who have concrete proposal plans. We recommend that those of you who want to participate in the class meetings also join the course (but it is not mandatory).

Both the course and classes are voluntary.

The course and classes will be held in English.

More information as well as the registration link will be available after the summer holidays.