Research School in Information and Communication Technology

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The vision of the ICT Research School is to:

  • maintain a stimulating training environment for all PhD students enrolled in the PhD program at the Department of Informatics of UiB
  • strengthen the connection between PhD students, faculty members, and the different research groups, facilitating an exchange of ideas and knowledge
  • coordinate technical courses, seminars, summer schools, and guest lectures of general interest to all PhD students enrolled in the department's PhD program
  • facilitate participation at and collaboration with other national and international research schools in ICT
  • offer training in teaching, writing, project management, application crafting, organization of events, refereeing, and other academic activities
  • improve national and international recognition of our PhD studies through joint marketing, coordinated project proposals, and common web pages
  • offer discussions and guidance in innovation and startups (in collaboration with VIS), and career development
  • provide practical and administrative assistance for all of our PhD students