Selmer Center in Secure Communication

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The Selmer Center in Secure Communication is a research center specializing in cryptography and security aspects of information and communication systems. It was opened on February 11, 2003, with the name in honor of Ernst S. Selmer, Prof. Emeritus (Here is an interview with him). The Selmer Center currently has 24 members with primary research fields including

  • cryptology: cryptography and cryptanalysis
  • coding theory
  • sequences and their applications
  • cryptographic Boolean functions and discrete structures

A webpage dedicated to the Boolean Functions for Cryptography is maintained at https://boolean.w.uib.no

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On-going projects from the Research Council of Norway (RCN) and NSM

  • NSM algorithm and cryptology (NSM)                          
  • Cryptographic Boolean Functions and Threshold Implementations (10.5 MNOK, FRIPRO, RCN)
  • Sequences and Their Applications (8.7 MNOK, IKTPLUSS, RCN)