Selmer Center in Secure Communication

Master Education

Master Program in Secure and Reliable Communications (2 Years)

Summary - The program comprises courses in the fields of coding theory, information theory, symmetric cryptography, public-key cryptography, network information theory, quantum information theory, and selected topics in the aforementioned fields. Each student also undertakes a masters thesis in conjunction with a supervisor on a relevant topic.

Master projects will be of theoretical or practical nature. Projects are selected to give candidates an insight into problems of interest at the frontier of international research in the design of cryptographic primitives, state-of-art cryptanalysis, post quantum cryptography, quantum computing and information theory, coding theory, etc.

The master program aims to both prepare students for future in industrial careers in computer science or mathematics or security, and/or to prepare students for future academic careers.

Check more information at the Secure and Reliable Communication and Study Plan



Compulsory units

Spring Semester

INF240 Basic Tools of Coding theory and Cryptography (10 ECTS)

Fall Semester

INF234 Algorithms (10 ECTS)

Recommended Electives

Spring Semester

INF241Quantum Information, Quantum Computing, and Quantum Cryptography (10 ECTS)

INF247 Introduction to Cryptanalysis of Symmetric Ciphers (10 ECTS)

Fall Semester

INF242 Information Theory (10 ECTS)

INF243 Algebraic Coding (10 ECTS)

INF244 Graph-based Inference, Networks and Coding Theory (10 ECTS)

INF245 Computational Number Theory and Asymmetric Cryptography (10 ECTS)

Master Projects

We provide a variety of master projects in cryptography, coding theory, quantum information and other security-related topics. Check here for the possible master projects with our group.