Selmer Center in Secure Communication

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The Selmer Center has a long tradition in conducting research at a high international level, and good experience and research environment in training Ph.D. students and hosting visiting Ph.D. students. The Selmer Center has organized several winter/summer schools and seminars for Ph.D. students:

During the three decades, there are in total of 40 Ph.D. projects completed in the Selmer Center, or the previous research group for coding theory and cryptology. This track record is due to an excellent selection of students, to the efforts by the faculty in terms of supervision and choice of timely, challenging, and relevant problems and to the active international collaborations. 


On-going Ph.D. Topics (9)


Samuele Andreoli - Threshold Implementations of Cryptographic Boolean Functions

Dian Li - Signal Design for Wireless Communications


Stein Dahl - Cryptanalysis on Symmetric Primitives

Amund Askeland - Side-channel Cryptanalysis


Ermes Franch - Code-based Cryptography


Wrya Kadir - Rank-Metric Codes and Their Applications


Alessandro Budroni - Cryptanalysis on Learning With Error 

Diana Davidova - Construction and Properties of Cryptographic Boolean Functions


Isaac Canales Martinez - Algebraic Analysis of Stream ciphers

Completed Ph.D. Dissertations (41)


Sachin Jayesh Valera - Topological quantum and skein-theoretic aspects of braided fusion categories

Dan Zhang - Design of sequences with good correlation properties

Nikolay Kaleyski - Towards a deeper understanding of APN functions and related longstanding problems


Ph.D. Irene Villa, Analysis, classification and construction of optimal cryptographic Boolean functions

Ph.D. Navid Ghaedi Bardeh, New Approaches to the Cryptanalysis of Block Ciphers


Ph.D. Andrea Tenti, Sufficiently overdetermined random polynomial systems behave like semiregular ones


Ph.D. Bo Sun, On classification and other properties of APN functions


Ph.D. Mohsen TooraniSecurity protocols and related topics


Ph.D. Oleksandr KazymyrovMethods and Tools for Analysis of Symmetric Cryptographic Primitives

Ph.D. Chunlei LiSequences and Linear Codes from Highly Nonlinear Functions


Ph.D. Somaye YariCoding for correcting errors of limited magnitude and for error detection

Ph.D. Mohammad Reza Sohizadeh AbyanehSecurity Analysis of Lightweight Schemes for RFID Systems

Ph.D. Ramij RahamanStudy of nonlocal correlations and entanglement in the context of quantum information processing

Ph.D. Thorsten Ernst SchillingTowards efficient algorithms in algebraic cryptanalysis

Ph.D. Guang YangCoding for Passive RFID Communication


Ph.D. Seyed Mehdi Mohammed Hassanzadeh, Cryptanalysis of Cryptographic Primitives and Related Topics


Ph.D. Tor Erling BjørstadOn the security of cryptographic primitives

Ph.D. Joakim Grahl KnudsenOn Iterative Decoding of High-Density Parity-Check Codes Using Edge-Local Complementation

Ph.D. Michal HojsikVarious aspects of stream cipher cryptanalysis


Ph.D. Aina JohansenThe correlation of sequences over finite alphabets

Ph.D. Mohammad RavanbakshTowards Optimal Data Transmission by Network Coding

Ph.D. Sondre RønjomCryptanalysis of Ciphers over Finite Cyclic Groups


Ph.D. Lars-Helge NetlandAssessing and Mitigating Risks in Computer Systems

Ph.D. André N. KlingsheimRisks in Networked Computer Systems

Ph.D. Lars Eirik DanielsenOn Connections Between Graphs, Codes, Quantum States, and Boolean Functions

Ph.D. Yngve EspelidPractices in Software Security


Ph.D. Geir Jarle NessCorrelation of sequences of different lengths and related topics

Ph.D. Thomas TjøstheimSecurity Analysis of Electronic Voting and Online Banking Systems

Ph.D. Irina Naydenova, Error detection and correction for symmetric and asymmetric channels


Ph.D. Vebjørn MoenVulnerabilities in Distributed Systems


Ph.D. Pål EllingsenIterative decoding for the Z-channel and related topics

Ph.D. John Erik MathiassenCryptanalysis of Block Ciphers and Hash Functions

Ph.D. Håvard MollandNew Methods for Cryptanalysis of Stream Ciphers

Ph.D. Håvard RaddumCryptanalytic Methods for Block Cipher Encryption Schemes


Ph.D. Eirik RosnesStructural Properties of High Rate Convolutional and Turbo Codes and Related Topics


Ph.D. Hans Georg Schaathun, Support Weights in Linear Codes and Projective Multisets


Ph.D. Halvard Movik Martinsen, Sequence Design and Correlation


Ph.D. Chunming RongComputational Analysis in Algebraic Decoding, APN-Mappings and t-Designs

Ph.D. Rolf ErstadCoding and Decoding of High Density Magnetic Recording Systems


Ph.D. Marianne Fjelltveit Hole, High rate convolutional codes: low complexity decoding and structural analysis


Ph.D. Erik Rønneberg Hauge, DeBruijn sequences and non-linear recursion


Ph.D. Sylvia Borissova EnchevaOptimal binary linear codes


Ph.D. Kjell Jørgen HolePunctured convolutional codes and their applications


Ph.D. Øyvind YtrehusCodes for error control