Selmer Center in Secure Communication

Research in the Selmer Center

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The Selmer Center currently has 24 members: 7 professors, 1 Dr. habilitation, 2 associate professors, 3 post-doctoral researchers, 11 PhDs, with primary research fields including

  • cryptology (design and analysis of crypto-systems, post-quantum cryptography)
  • coding theory and its application in cryptography and digital communication
  • cryptographic Boolean functions and discrete structures
  • quantum information theory and quantum machine learning

The Selmer Center has been an active research group in a very high international level. During the last 15 years,  the Selmer Center

  • has more than 600 publications in leading international journals and conferences proceedings;
  • has attracted a number of research projects from both Norway and EU;
  • has been actively organizing and participating in international conferences as invited speakers and members of international programs, and been serving several editorial boards for leading international journals;
  • has maintained extensive international collaborations and hosted a number of researchers around the world.


The research group has been evaluated by an international committee together with all ICT research groups in Norway on an initiative by the Norwegian Research Council in 1992, 2002 and 2012. At all three evaluations

the research group got excellent evaluations, which shows the group has performed at a high international level.

In 2002 and 2012 a grading system was used and the research group got the highest possible grade. In 2002, the highest grade “Excellent” was given and the committee stated that the group

may be the best ICT group of any kind in Norway and occupies a distinguished position in the international community


 … is one of the gems on the Norwegian Scientific Scene, not just the context of ICT …”

In the 2012 evaluation, the Selmer Center got the highest possible grade as one out of five when 63 ICT research groups were evaluated.

The Selmer Center is one of the only two group with the highest grade in both the 2002 and 2012 evaluations.