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Bachelor Program in Computer Security (3 Years)

Summary - A Bachelor's student in computer security studies how to design, implement, and analyse ICT infrastructures that are robust with regard to both random errors and targeted attacks. The goal of the programme is to provide the students with both a theoretical understanding and a practical ability to develop and maintain robust ICT systems. The methods and approach are those of the natural sciences, and they require that the successful candidate develop an understanding of research results in computer science and mathematics.

A Bachelor's degree in computer security forms a sound basis for further study at the Master's level.

Check more information at the Bachelor Program in Computer Security and Study Plan


Compulsory units

These courses are compulsory:

Ex.phil., INF100MAT111INF140INF101MNF130STAT110, DAT103, INF102INF142MAT121INF143INF226INF214,


The specialisation in the study programme totals 130 ECTS, and consists of the following courses:

6. semester Val (10 stp) Val (10 stp) Val (10 stp)

5. semester INF143 (10 stp) INF214 (10 stp) INF226 (10 stp)

4. semester INF142 (10 stp) Val (10 stp) MAT121 (10 stp)

3. semester STAT110 (10 stp) INF102 (10 stp) DAT103 (10 stp)

2. semester INF140 (10 stp) INF101 (10 stp) MNF130 (10 stp)

1. semester Ex.phil (10 stp) INF100 (10 stp) MAT111 (10 stp)

Committee of Education

The committee aims to provide a better communication channel for bachelor students to interact with the Selmer Center. The committee will arrange activities that help students develop their education and career paths. Master students, PhD students, Postdoc/Researchers, and faculty members in the Selmer Center will be invited to share their knowledge, experience, hard and happy moments in their research and career.

Current Members

Steering and Organizing Board

Lilya Budaghyan, Chunlei LiGeorge Petrides


Nikolay Stoyanov Kaleyski 

Andrea Tenti

Isaac Andrés Canales Martinez

Irene Villa