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Academic Writing from bachelor to PhD

Interdisciplinary conference hosted by the Department of Education, University of Bergen, Solstrand Fjord Hotel, October 7th - 8th 2010.

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Academic writing competence is critical for student performance at all levels and thus also for the quality of research studies and for the dissemination of research. In Norway compulsory writing at bachelor level has increased dramatically in many disciplines after the Quality Reform of higher education. Consequently, students spend more time on writing and teachers spend more time on providing feedback and assessment to student texts. How do we make sure that this improves the quality of writing?

In the European academic tradition writing has been integrated in the disciplines and not taught as a separate subject. This means that many teachers are involved over time and no one has specific responsibility for the teaching of writing. An increasing amount of research on writing in higher education indicates the need for coordination and planning.

The conference will address the issue of how to systematically and effectively build writing competence, for instance through a combination of direct teaching, writing-intensive courses and high quality feedback and supervision. This will be explored and discussed in three parallel conference sections:

  • Writing in Humanities and Social Science
  • Writing in Math and Science
  • Writing in Law

Plenary sessions address issues that are common concerns across disciplines:

  • Writing as a key competence
  • Feedback
  • Argumentation
  • Plagiarism

Invited keynote speakers:

  • Professor Otto Kruse, University of Zurich, Switzerland
  • Professor Dai Hounsell, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Professor Richard Andrews, London Institute of Education, England
  • Principal Lecturer Jude Carroll, Oxford Brookes University, England
  • Lotte Rienecker and Peter Stray Jørgensen, Copenhagen University, Denmark

Conference fee: 1350 Norwegian kroner (175 Euro).

For accommodation costs see Practical information and registration for details.

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