Klima og energiomstilling

Nyhetsarkiv for Klima og energiomstilling

Hva ligger bak de store klimaendringene i polare områder og hva er konsekvensene? Sentrale UiB-forskere bidrar til tidsskriftet Naturens spesialutgave om polarforskning.
My three-year postdoctoral position started in January 2020, my project is called “Polycentric climate governance in action: study of the interaction between Norwegian and Amazonian agricultural policy for climate change”. It is part of the interdisciplinary research project “Causes and Consequences of the Legal Architecture of Climate Politics” (LEG-ARCH), which is a collaborative project... Les mer
This PhD project seeks to explore attitudes among the Norwegian population regarding climate and lifestyle. It bears the preliminary title “From parties in Kyoto and Paris to everyday life in Norway: A multi-methodological approach to why Norwegians (don’t) take knowledge about climate change into account in their lifestyle choices”.
Årets bærekraftspiloter har som mål å inspirere studenter og ansatte til å leve mer miljøvennlig, og å vise fram SDG-fremskrittene som gjøres.