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Avoiding pitfalls in AVO, inversion and velocity model building by full-wavefield elastic modelling and analysis

PhD-Candidate Saskia Tschache

Image of Saskia Tschache
Saskia Tschache, UiB


My name is Saskia and I am from Germany. I do an Industrial PhD with CGG, a geoscience service company. My main supervisor is Einar Iversen (UiB) and my co-supervisors are Vetle Vinje (CGG) and Jan Erik Lie (Lundin Petroleum).

Seismic measurements are done on the sea and on land to investigate and image the subsurface. The measured data can be used to find hydrocarbons and to analyze reservoirs. Seismic modelling tools help us to better understand the measured data. Based on a subsurface model, we can calculate the wave propagation and the signals that would be recorded by receivers. This allows us to perform virtual experiments.

The objective of the project is to apply such a modelling technique, called the reflectivity method, to real-world problems that we encounter when analyzing seismic data of reservoirs. This will allow us to make more sense of the data.

Another topic in the project will be to apply Machine Learning techniques in the context of seismic data processing, analysis and interpretation.