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Early Career Researcher Stipends Advertisement

The Bergen Network for Women in Philosophy (BNWP) invites applications for two stipends, that support the work of female (inclusively defined) early career researchers in philosophy.

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Stipend 1: Financial support for PhD applications

Having completed their MA, students can find themselves without the financial means to focus on writing applications for further study. By this first stipend, the BNWP likes to offer financial assistance to support female graduates in their pursuit of careers in philosophy. In addition to financial support, we also offer mentorship and assistance in writing the application from an experienced member of the faculty. Applicants must hold a MA-degree from the department of philosophy at the University of Bergen.

Total amount of the stipend: 35 000 NOK*.

Stipend 2: Initiatives in Philosophy

By this second stipend, the BNWP likes to support the implementation and realization of female early career researchers’ philosophical initiatives, such as lecture series and workshops as well as more creative formats for the study and transfer of philosophical content. Applicants must be associated with the department of philosophy at the University of Bergen.

Total amount of the stipend: 15 000 NOK*.

We welcome applications from women (inclusively defined) who are currently enrolled in a graduate program (masters or doctorate) or have completed a graduate degree within the past two years. Applications can be in Norwegian, English or German and should contain a CV and a project outline. Please send any questions you might have as well as your application to jasmin.traechtler@uib.no by 1st October 2020.


* The BNWP reserves the right to divide the total amount of 50 000 NOK for both stipends, as the circumstances require, in a different way from that stated here, depending on the number and quality of the applications.