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IGS Department Day 2021

Who are we and what do we do at ETØK?

The Section for Ethics and Health Economics (ETØK) has produced a fun video to show how its researchers contribute to the department's vision of "Better Health - Better Society".

Super Strong Superheroes
Section for Ethics and Health Economics (ETØK) -


Super Strong Superheroes


Super Strong Superheroes

On 12 May 2021, the Department for Global Public Health and Primary Care (IGS) organised a department day where members of all sections were challenged to show how they fulfil the department's vision of Better Health - Better Society. The task was to prepare a five-minute presentation using an entertaining, "popular science" approach.

Rising to the challenge, ETØK produced a short video introducing its two research groups: Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting (BCEPS) and Health Economics, Leadership and Translational Ethics (HELTER).

Our sporty section members rallied together and provided personal contibutions with examples that demonstrate the wide diversity of ETØK's membership and range of activities. You can hear about research activities in Zanzibar, Ethiopia, Uganda, India and Norway.

VIDEO PRODUCTION TEAM: Katharina Räppold, Maria Sollohub, Emily McLean, Kristine Bærøe