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Geophysics field course in Kiel

Ten geophysics bachelor and master students participated in a field course in Kiel (Germany) in August.

magnetic measurements on the beach
Oda Kleveland


The geophysics group, together with geophysicists from the universities of Kiel, Århus and Malta, co-organized an EU funded BIP (Erasmus Blended Initiative Program) course, with most of the work done by our colleagues from Kiel. Ten UiB geophysics students participated in this course, which had two components: a seminar and a field component. The seminar was held in June and consisted of two days of lectures on various topics related to the Thornquist zone (which is a suture zone which separates the Northern/Eastern European craton from the younger lithosphere that forms Western/Southern Europe; this suture zone is not observed geologically, because of sediments, but is clearly visible in images obtained using geophysical data). The field component of the course (see the picture) was held in Kiel.