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Master's Programmes in Geography

We offer two master programmes in Geography taught in English.

Field Course GEO341
Field Course in Physical Geography.
Pål Ringkjøb Nielsen
Field work master
Anna Dybwad Alstad during fieldwork in Ghana for her master project about gender, agriculture and decision-making.
Anna Dybwad Alstad


Geographies of Sustainable Development

Our planet is facing increasing climate changes and sustainability challenges. The Master’s Programme in Geographies of Sustainable Development gives you the framework, theories and practices to work out research-based ways to solve some of the most important issues today.

Master's Programme in Geographies of Sustainable Development

Physical Geography

The effects of climate changes and natural hazards are problems society must deal with to protect the population and preserve values. Physical Geography studies the exogenous processes that have shaped and shape the landscape.

Master's Programme in Physical geography