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Courses for Exchange students at the Department of Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy offers each semester a minimum of two courses taught in English at undergraduate level. At postgraduate level we offer the entire masters program in Philosophy in English.

Undergraduate (100/200-level) and postgraduate MA (300-level) courses offered in English:

Spring 2021

Open courses:

FIL116 Introduction to Contemporary Political Philosophy 

FIL220 / FIL320 Metaphysics

FIL241 / FIL341 Philosophy of Law

FIL249 / FIL349 Political Philosophy 

Mandatory courses for MA students:

FIL344 Master Topic in Practical Philosophy

Course descriptions and ECTS credits
Click on courses to check which semester the courses you wish to apply for are taught to make sure that they are offered during your study period in Bergen. You can also find a course description, number of ECTS credits etc. here. Please check if the courses you wish to apply for require any pre-requirements. You can find this under ‘Course description’ for each course. Applicants to Norwegian language courses can check the course descriptions here. 

You will find more information regarding the application process on the pages for exchange students. Click here