Intro to climate and energy transition

Climate and energy transition




Did our ancestors change the climate?

John Birks is Principal Investigator in the project HOPE, which aims to discover the impact prehistoric people had on the biosphere. The project is made possible by the prestigious ERC Advanced Grant.


Biomass for energy: Potentials and sustainability

Did you know that the potential biogas resources in Hordaland amounts to about 240 GWh? That pellets can be used instead of coal in thermal power plants? Or that there is a biogas plant in Rådalen converting sludge into about 25 GWh of fuel quality bio gas per year? If you already knew this, you...


Climate research project Ice2Ice kicks off

The new Nordic climate project Ice 2 Ice aims to study the rapid pace of ice melting in the Arctic. The project is supported by the European Research Council (ERC).