The University of Bergen is an international research university in which all activity is based on academic freedom and curiosity-driven research. Particular emphasis is placed on three strategic research areas:

Marine research                               Global social challenges                                 Climate research and energy transition


UiB is Norway’s most cited

UiB is once again Norway's most cited university. That was the result of a major new survey. On a worldwide basis, UiB has also climbed up the rankings due to frequently cited and international researchers.


A new weapon in the fight against skeletal muscle wasting

A hormone builiding muscle mass can be vital in helping the aged, cancer patients and the obese, new research from the University of Bergen shows.


Media language slows down fight against poverty

Latin American newspapers use a technical language when describing poverty. According to researcher Ana Beatriz Chiquito, this makes it more difficult to understand the causes and effects of poverty.


Selected UiB research 2016

A selection of the excellent research conducted at the University of Bergen in the past twelve months.

Centre of Excellence

Digging the past

The new Centre of Excellence at The University of Bergen aims to discover the past to understand the present.

The UiB Magazine

The UiB Magazine is an annual research and education magazine published by the University of Bergen.

You can read the magazine for free online.