The Toppforsk-programme

The University of Bergen aims to create more world leading research groups in Bergen. Bergen Research Foundation (BFS) is a generous contributor.

The University of Bergen has recruited five excellent researchers internationally, to strengthen our leading research groups.

With contributions from Bergen Research Foundation (BFS), UiB is funding five excellent, international researchers to the amount of 137 million NOK (approximately 15 mill EUR) via the Toppforsk programme.

By offering the researchers special terms and support, this collaboration has strengthened UiB in the international competition for excellent researchers.

The five researchers are:

The Toppforsk programme emphasises the long-standing collaboration between BFS and UiB, where BFS has contributed generously to young researchers who are in the process of creating their own research groups.

Toppforsk is building on this work by recruiting established researchers to Bergen - to research groups where UiB already have leading research.

Producing world leading research environments in Norway is one of the most important areas in the Norwegian Government’s long-term plan for research and higher education 2015–2024. This is also the ambition of the University of Bergen (UiB) strategy for 2016–2022 – “Ocean, Life, Society”.