The University of Bergen is a young, modern university. Most of its premises are concentrated in the heart of the city of Bergen.

The University of Bergen is Norway's urban university who is intricately woven into the geographical, historical and cultural framework of the city, with 14,450 students and 3,460 faculty and staff.


UiB has most of its premises concentrated in two areas. Mathematics and natural sciences, social sciences, psychology, the humanities and arts and law are taught at Nygårdshøyden, a mixture of houses, shops and seats of learning. Årstadvollen is the University's "health campus", where dentistry, medicine and health-care lie close to the Haukeland and Haraldsplass university clinics.

Join in a tour of some of the most characteristic buildings of the University of Bergen!


Arts and Gardens

The many pictures, sculptures, plants and buildings on campus are part of the everyday environment of thousands of students and staff.

With Arts and Gardens we wish to make available information about the visual experiences at the university.