Research for the worst off in the labour market

Georg Picot has long done research on temporary employment. For his next project he wants to study low-wage employment and how the state influences wages.


Stronger international focus

Hundreds of international UiB-students Thursday attended the welcome programme in Grieghallen. This year, the university has strengthened the international effort, opening a new international centre.


The burglary at the University Museum of Bergen

The morning of August 14, employees at the University Museum of Bergen discovered that several objects were missing from The Cultural History Collections.

Exchange student

– I’m Irish so the rain will not bother me!

Conor Douris is a bachelor student from University of Limerick. He has studied psychology and sociology, plays in a band and is interested in music therapy for children.

Centre of Excellence

Digging the past

The new Centre of Excellence at The University of Bergen aims to discover the past to understand the present.