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Alumni of the month

Alumni of the month: Hope Corbin

Meeting a foreign culture can be challenging, but for our alumni of the month Hope Corbin, studying in Norway was a great experience. 'Get involved' and 'listen to others' is Corbin's advice to students. Today she is an Associate Professor at the Western Washington...

UiB Alumni

Ph.D. Career Seminar: How to Sell Your "Analytical Skills" to an Employer?

With a Ph.D., you have endless possibilities. However, if your dream about a permanent job in academia does not come true – how do you sell your analytical skills to an employer? Attend the UiB Alumni Ph.D. Career Seminar on March 6th and get first-hand information and advice from alumni and...

Human rights

Interview with ECHR-judge Robert Spano

Judge Robert R. Spano from The European Court of Human Rights talks about the function of the court and his workdays in Strasbourg. He also has good pieces of advice for today’s law students.

Alumni of the month

Alumni of the month: Jeanett Thomsen

Jeanett Thomsen was hesitant about going abroad – now she lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. Trading rainy Bergen with the city that never sleeps was a decision that she never regretted. She has one advice to students considering going abroad - Just go!