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The University of Bergen works to provide the best support we can to our employees. This is why we have worked for and received the HR Excellence in Research (HREiR) award.

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HREiR is a recognition that UiB works in a targeted manner to further improve the working conditions of academic staff and provide good support to individuals in their career. The work is based on the Charter & Code for Researchers.

What will this mean for employees at UiB?

The HREiR status means that employees at UiB should notice that the university works in a targeted manner to offer better HR in research. HR is about ensuring that the research groups have sound frameworks for their work and that employees are well looked after. UiB is working to make improvements based on feedback and wishes from our own employees in different groups and stages of their careers.

In the coming years, UiB will have a special focus on five priority areas – see below.

Why is this important for UiB?

The "HR Excellence in Research" status will demonstrate internationally that UiB is committed to developing the quality of HR in research. This will help to recruit the best researchers by showing that we offer good terms and conditions. The status will also have significance for the university in the creation of future international research projects such as Horizon Europe. At the same time, HREiR provides a good framework for the involvement of the entire organisation in the efforts to improve HR in research.

What is the plan?

UiB currently has sixteen actions as part of our HR strategy. The actions are divided into five overall priority areas:

  • Recruitment
    Open, transparent and merit-based recruitment processes are important for the rights of applicants for positions, but also for the diversity of the research environments at UiB.
  • Career development
    Strengthening R&D employees’ career development is the key area of development for UiB in the first phase of the project. This also includes the establishment of career counselling services specifically aimed at the PhD group.
  • Supervisor role
    Guidance covers various ethical, professional and personnel aspects of R&D work. These aspects can be developed interdisciplinarily by focusing on measures that strengthen the overall role of the supervisor.
  • Equal opportunities and diversity
    UiB has a long tradition of equality and diversity in R&D positions, but recognises that there is a need to continually develop knowledge and measures that ensure gender balance and equal opportunities for all researchers on their career path.
  • Administrative support for R&D staff
    Administrative support for R&D staff has been established as an overarching priority area for developing and effectuating UiB’s procedures, thus ensuring that the working conditions of the researchers allow sufficient flexibility to achieve good research results.

More information can be found on the project page.

Work in progress

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Action plan for PhD education 2020-2024

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