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UiB received the "HR Excellence in Research" award in December 2019. Our aim is to strengthen the quality of our research, boost researchers' careers and make our research communities more competitive.

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To improve our HR policy for researchers, UiB is continously working to implement the principles of "the European Charter for Researchers", adopted by the European Commission.

Steering Group

Protocols from Steering Group meetings

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Award renewal phase

Survey on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality at UiB (2024)

The NORCE Research Institute has been commissioned by UiB to conduct a survey among all employees regarding diversity, equality, and inclusion this week.

The survey is part of the Action Plan for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality 2023–2025 and will provide a foundational basis for developing targeted measures in the forthcoming action plan. The survey will be followed by focus group interviews with broad representation from both employees and students at UiB.

The survey has been developed by NORCE in collaboration with the project "Mangfoldige UiB - Ingen utenfor" (a project with the aim of building down barriers for participation in higher education), and the HR department.

New Action plan for Diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity (2023)

An action plan for Diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity for 2023-2025 has been developed.

Implementation Phase 2019-2022

Revised Action Plan (2021)

The preparations for Interim Assesment (Internal Review) were presented for the University Board in November 2021, based on the work to implement the action plan (Letter 2020) and the Steering Group's review of the actions.

The Revised Action Plan was submitted to the EU Commission in January 2022.

Application Phase 2018-2019

The University Board's decision on applying for the "HR Excellence in Research" award.

Gap Analysis, OTMR check list and Action Plan (2019)


HR in Research – report provides information on the principles, procedures and measures to improve R&D staff's working conditions.


Report from survey among UiB's researchers

Workshops 2018

The protocols and reports from the workshops can be found here.


    2025Renewal and site visit
    Autumn 2024Updating Action Plan
    Spring 2024Renewal Steering Group and Project Group/Working Groups
    2022-Implementation Action Plan and EC Concensus Report
    Autumn 2021Internal Review/Interim Assessment, including renewal of Action Plan
    December 2019HR Excellence in Research status awarded
    Autumn 2019Apply for the HR Excellence in Research award and implementing Charter & Code
    Spring 2019Action Plan for implementing Charter & Code
    Spring 2018Gap Analysis and Workshops
    Autumn 2017UiB decided to use the "strengthened" affiliation process for C&C
    Spring 2017Established a central project organisation