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The Rectorate from left: Pina Heggernes, Gottfried Greve, Margareth Hagen and Annelin Eriksen

The Rector is the Chair of the University Board and on behalf of the Board has the ultimate responsibility for and management of all activity at the University of Bergen (UiB).

The Rectorate at UiB consist of Rector Margareth Hagen, Pro-Rector with responsibility for education and digitalization Pinar Heggernes, Vice-Rector for Innovation, Projects and Knowledge Clusters Gottfried Greve  and Vice-Rector for Global Relations Annelin Eriksen

The University of Bergen has a unique role in society; we nourish and develop independent knowledge. That research should be independent is fundamental for societal development and for the quality and trust in the knowledge we create. The best way to secure this is academic freedom combined with scientific leadership based on the important political values of the university as well as an understanding of the university’s role in a changing society.

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