The Rectorate

Rektoratet 2017-2021

The Rector is the Chair of the University Board and on behalf of the Board has the ultimate responsibility for and management of all activity at the University of Bergen (UiB).

Rector Dag Rune Olsen and Pro-Rector Margareth Hagen are elected for the period 2017–2021. For the same time period, Oddrun Samdal is Vice-Rector for Education, Robert Bjerknes is Vice-Rector for Interdisciplinary Affairs and Large Projects and Annelin Eriksen is Vice-Rector for Global Relations.

The University of Bergen is characterised by proven and reliable European research traditions and is amongst the leading research and educational institutions. The university is founded upon the core values of academia: academic freedom, rationality and critical thinking. These are values that are currently being challenged and must therefore be emphasised and defended. The rectorate will further develop UiB as a research-intensive, comprehensive and international university.

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Post address:
University of Bergen
P.O, Box 7800
N-5020 Bergen

Visiting address:
Muséplassen 1
5007 Bergem

Phone: 55 58 20 02
E-mail: rektor@uib.no