VIS - Innovation and commercialization

VIS helps researchers and scientific staff at UiB to commercialize research results and secure rights.

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UiB is a co-owner of VIS, who works with technology transfer and commercialization on behalf of a number of research institutions in the Bergen region. VIS helps researchers and the research institutions to commercialize research results, so that knowledge and inventions benefit individuals, society and business.

VIS assists in evaluating the innovative and commercial potential of inventions, obtaining funding, assessing patenting, providing legal assistance in negotiating license agreements and entering into contracts, finding partners, establishing new companies and profiling the project.

VIS collaborates closely with legal advisors at the Division of Research and Innovation (FIA) in projects that involve applications, agreements and contracts for externally funded projects with innovative potential at UiB.

Are you employed at UiB and have an invention or and idea you would like to discuss? You can contact UiB's innovation advisors at FIA or  VIS directly, find more information about innovation and commercialization on the Employee Pages.

VIS is owned by the University of Bergen (33.4%), Bergen Health (33.4%), Siva (14.8%), the Institute of Marine Research (14.5%) and Bergen University College (3.8%).